Do you want your customers to feel they know you, but can’t find your company’s voice? Do you try to write web copy but it comes out sounding stiff or ‘salesy?’ Or do you just find it difficult to write about yourself?

Screenshot of an illustrated case study and link to the PDF

An illustrated case study for a circus school

Are you looking for a freelance writer who will take the time to find what makes your company unique?
I can work with you to create content that will draw your customers in, make them feel that you understand them and that they know who you are. Collaborative projects are as welcome as brief driven ones.

Copy for websites and brochures

Screenshot of an illustrated article and link to the PDF

An illustrated article published in a national magazine

Staff profiles, product descriptions, home and about pages, news articles. I can write as a knowledgeable expert or as a chatty friend.

Blogging, newsletters and Social Media

Customers are using social media more and more as a way of interacting with companies, and your presence here can have a large impact on how much people know and trust you. It can mean the difference between becoming their chosen supplier and being relegated to the ‘also-rans’.

Screenshot of an illustrated article and link to the PDF

An illustrated article published in a national magazine

Your blog can position you as an expert in your field, offer useful information or entertainment to draw new customers in, and keep your name on the tips of their tongues.

Share special offers and breaking news to customers with regular newsletters, or just make sure they don’t forget you.


Customer success stories and case studies

This type of article-style content is becoming increasingly popular, particularly for companies who offer products or services that carry a high ticket price or are difficult to explain.

Screenshot of an illustrated success story and link to the PDF

An illustrated customer success story for a charity

 It gives you a chance to show prospective customers, first-hand, how well you can solve problems just like theirs. For people who are shopping around, this kind of content can be the reason they choose you over your competitors.

I can handle every stage of the project; from interview and photo session with your satisfied customer, through story creation,  to final layout and design; to create a stunning finished product for use in a wide range of marketing materials.