What do you want to say?

You want to be yourself – the best at what you do, and speak with your own voice. You want your customers to connect with you, be interested in you and feel that you’re speaking straight to them. In short, you want to find your tribe.


You can have it all.

Writing to Engage Your Audience

It’s true, you know your customers best. You’ve probably got a lot in common; find it easy to put yourself in their shoes. That’s why you feel passionate about helping them. If you don’t enjoy writing though, you might still find it difficult to connect with them.

I take the time to get to know you before I write a word, and you can have as much (or as little) involvement as you like in the writing process, so that together we can hit the right tone and find your tribe.

Home and About Pages

Tell you customers who you are.

The closer the subject is, sometimes the harder it is to find the words for it. You might have tried to write about yourself (or your business) but still feel that you’re using the wrong ‘voice.’

How can you hand that writing over to someone else?

At the start of our project I will chat to you for as long as it takes to get a feel for who you are, exactly what you do, who you are aiming your services at, why you do what you do, how your passions and your experiences feed in to make you the absolute perfect person for the job.

If you like, you can be involved in the writing process from start to finish – comment, edit or scrawl on my drafts in red pen. I’m not precious – it’s your copy. We can have as much (or as little) back and forth as you need, so that we are both happy that it says what you want it to say.

Blogs and newsletters

Give Even More Value

How can someone else actually blog for you?

A blog isn’t really an online diary, more a platform that can position you as an expert in your field. People read blogs and online articles to inform themselves and to learn new skills as well as to be entertained. Then they share them with their friends.

I can take over your blog (or your newsletter) completely, help you to brainstorm ideas and plan your calendar, or edit your drafts and half formed ideas into finished pieces.

I will research your subject thoroughly and chat to you as much as I need until I’m absolutely sure I know how you want to position yourself. Even then, you can have as much input as you need, for as long as you need, until you’re confident that I’m firmly on the right path.

All writing projects are, in some way, collaborative, and you are the expert on your subject. I welcome ideas, drafts, half written pieces or any kind of contribution from you.

Testimonials and Case Studies

Let your Happy Customers Speak

I can collect testimonials in a way that makes your customers feel listened to and which produces the end result that you need – to prove to future clients that you understand them and are the best person to help.

Together we will produce a set of questions that really pull out the answers you need from your happy customers. Include a few for your own feedback purposes too if you like.

Then, with your client’s permission I will record a telephone interview with them. This will only take around 15 minutes of their time and will be a nice friendly chat with an experienced interviewer.

Then I use that to write a long version – which can be used as a mini case study, and a short snappy edit which is perfect for inclusion on a web page.

If you offer a complicated or high value service then you might want me to expand this into a detailed case study, which can include photos of the project and input from you as well as your client. What, exactly was your customers problem and how did you solve it? What benefit are they getting into the future from the work they did with you? How has their life been changed?

Editorial Style Articles

Show them what you do

This style of article allows your customers get to know you and your business deeply. How about profiles on individual staff members? Get to know their interests, opinions, and where they stand on issues that affect your sector. How about articles about the materials and techniques you use or how you help the environment? How does your company fit into the wider industry landscape?

Editorial style articles can be used as an advertorial in a magazine, expand into a detailed case study or end up as a long-form entry on your blog… they can even be recycled and become all three, and are even more powerful when combined with a documentary photo session.