How do you want to look?

You want to look professional, but show your personality. You want images that make an impact, and fit together as a set. You want your customers to know you straight away, and to remember you afterwards. You’re quite hard to please aren’t you? But guess what?


You can have it all.

Photography to Express your Brand

Some web pages just seem to jump out of the screen at you don’t they? I bet they had photography created especially for them. You have your own, unique way of doing business and your company has its own personality. Your brand has a unique colour scheme too, so why would you buy stock photos? You’ll just see the same images turning up on your competitors’ sites.

I can create images especially for your business, giving you a library of beautiful unique images, purposefully created. Use them in all your publicity, so that you stay on brand; and so that your customers know that it’s you.

We can book a one off shoot to populate your website and marketing materials, or I can work with you regularly, producing beautiful images that change and develop as your business does.

Portrait & Documentary

Real people, Real location, Real life.

Why do your customers choose you over anyone else? Well, that’s obvious – you’re the best at what you do… but I bet they also feel a connection to you; feel that you’re part of their tribe. When they really need you, make sure it’s your face that springs to mind, not your competitors’ 

  • Editorial style photos that show you and your staff doing what you do, with the tools of your trade and all your passion and enthusiasm.
  • Good for staff profiles, annual reports, websites, and social media (amongst other things…)
  • I work with you to make sure the images feel just right, fit in with your ethos and match your brand.
  • The more I work with you the more I can get to know you and show who you are.
  • Sessions result in 10 high res images with a licence to use for all publicity work, forever.
  • Each shot digitally mastered to make it exactly right

Products & Concepts

The story of your business

A bit like your favourite stock photos but so much better because they’re created especially for you. They can feature your logo and colours, fit in with your branding and tell the story of your business. You won’t see them pop up on anyone else’s site, either. 

  • Show your products in context with creatively styled ‘lifestyle’ shots
  • The story of your business from the widest perspective down to the tiniest detail
  • Images that fit with your colour scheme and your branding.
  • Every image is digitally edited by hand
  • Sessions result in10 high res images with a licence to use for all publicity work, forever.
  • Combine with a portrait session and you can mix and match your image choices.

Corporate Events

From awards ceremonies to country fayres

Formal black tie occasions or local open days, your company events show a lot about who you are. They can be full of fun, laughter, and pride in your work. Make sure those moments are captured well.

  • I work unobtrusively to capture the real spirit of the events. If it wasn’t for the photos you would hardly know I was there.
  • Use for investors, funders, annual reports, staff newsletters or general publicity.
  • Images edited to tell the story of your event
  • Delivered as high res digital files, and licenced for all publicity uses.

PR and live performance

Let your unique presence shine

Musicians, street performers, circus, theatre… whatever your genre, you have your own look and your own style. Whether it’s portraits for PR and press or performance coverage, I take the time to get to know you and work with you to bring your ideas to life. 

  • Portraits, set-up action shots and performance coverage
  • For general PR, album covers, websites and funding applications.
  • No lighting condition is too difficult or too bizarre
  • I give discounts to unsigned bands, non-profit organisations, grant funded projects and genuinely skint performers with an interesting idea.