“A creative, quirky yoga teacher and massage therapist who likes to go her own way”

There’s never a dull moment working with Sophie, for whom flexibility and spontaneity are key. Otherwise though, I guess it wouldn’t be yoga…


Read the case study below…..

Sophie is a yoga teacher and massage therapist who has been a client of mine for many years, back since I was purely a photographer.

I’ve done numerous photo sessions with her over the years, so if you’ve looked through my business portrait gallery you might recognise her face.

I built a static site for Sophie a long time ago, when I was learning basic web languages and building sites for fun. (It was possibly as far back as 2005, which makes me gasp when I think about it…) so she thought of me when she decided it was time to get a whizzy new WordPress site built.

Sophie’s a talented, creative (if slightly left-field) writer herself, so she supplied most of the written content, but she was stuck on her about page. It’s really difficult to write about yourself, particularly from a marketing angle. In some ways you are just too close to you, and you also, somehow, have to stop yourself from being too humble, so it’s just really difficult to get the tone just right. Sophie wanted the about page to be in her unique voice so I interviewed her and wrote the copy from her answers. Then we had a lot of back and forth, creating numerous different versions and merging them. We also enjoyed quite a few brainstorming discussions over coffee or lunch, until eventually, we agreed.

This site is a few years old now and Sophie has managed it herself for the entire time. She blogs regularly and has a slightly quirky way with fonts and layouts which I can’t take credit for. I’m on hand her for her if she has any problems though, and I still occasionally give her training if she wants to learn a new WordPress related skill. We’ve got more photo sessions planned for the future too.

One of the things I love about working with Sophie is her understanding of process – the fact that sometimes you have to go through lots of different versions before you hit the right note. If a client wants to chew over the text, edit it themselves and then send it back to me that’s no problem. I still only charge them the price that I’ve quoted.

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