“A walking spaceship with chicken legs in the shape of a human heart?”

It was never going to be an off-the-peg project was it? There were no boring moments in this one, and these mad people are still long term clients of mine.


Read the case study below…..

Ruby Soho and Juliet Webb are the two halves of Liberty Rocks productions – a wildly creative arts company that specialises in bringing ridiculous ideas into reality.

Ruby is an extraordinary welder and junk artist, as well as a master of funding applications. Jules is a highly talented and proactive producer and marketer, and she’s not averse to getting stuck in on the builds when she’s needed either.

Visit the Marie Celestial

I’d worked regularly with Liberty Rocks over the years as a performance and events photographer and I’d documented several of their earlier projects. That’s why they thought of me when they needed help to write a Kickstarter crowd-funding page for their outrageous new show, the Marie Celestial.

After reaching their target with the crowd-funder and successfully getting match funding from the arts council, they got in touch again to ask me to build a dedicated website for the show.

Seriously, nothing is too crazy for these people. The Marie Celestial is a walking spaceship with chicken legs in the shape of a human heart, which is also a stage with rigging for aerial circus performers to do their thing. It was built, completely out of scrap metal, by Ruby with a team of volunteers, some of whom were having welding lessons as their Kickstarter rewards.

As you can imagine, the design of the site was very important, and it needed to look unique, so I built it from scratch using a blank WordPress theme as a framework. I had long discussions with them about the visual design and created a site with a junk/ steampunk /space theme, which incorporated some of Ruby’s original drawings.

The project toured the UK for an entire year, and has been booked out for shows and hires in subsequent years. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing some of them too – you can see some of the coverage from their 2017 bonfire night spectacular, which was part of the amazing fireworks display at Alexandra Palace in London here…

The website was only intended to last for one year, but I rescued it and transferred it onto my own server so that I could keep it in my portfolio.

This is one of the great things about WordPress – installations can be cloned and then installed on any server, so that you are never tied in with any particular hosting company. You can shop around for the fastest, cheapest or friendliest service depending on your needs, and you can change whenever you like.

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