“A talented artist who works with nature.”

Julie has a lot of creative priorities to juggle, so flexibility and patience have been important in this ongoing project…


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Julie is a sculptor, painter and photographer, who works mainly with natural materials. She also runs art workshops with schools and community groups (she is particularly well known for willow sculpture workshops) In short, she’s a woman of many, many talents.

Julie approached me for a WordPress build to replace an ancient static website which looked outdated and didn’t really reflect her business anymore. It was really just a portfolio of her work, and apart from anything else it wasn’t responsive (didn’t adapt to different screen sizes) She had taken a few years off work to raise her daughter so the old site was old by anyone’s standards.

We went for quite a clean look so that we could show off her artwork as if in a gallery space, and Julie had some very specific ideas about the design and colour scheme, which we managed to accommodate through numerous discussions and meetings (luckily Julie makes a fabulous lunch and lives in a stunning place, so it’s not really a problem…)

This was quite a simple build, a portfolio site initially, but of course, since its built in WordPress, It’s expandable, and functionality (booking forms and calendars for workshops for instance) can be added in the future as her business grows.

Julie supplied all the images and is currently still working on the final touches to the copy. The site hasn’t been fully launched yet as she’s waiting till she has time to finish, and I am hosting it on my own server temporarily while she does the work. I decided to include it here because I like the site and Julie’s work and I really enjoy having Julie as a client. Please forgive the slightly unfinished nature of it though….

The thing is, we all have different priorities, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. I always try to understand my clients’ needs – and if you need to halt your project for a while or have other unusual requests then I’ll do my best to find a creative solution.

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