“A playful artist whose hands are constantly stuck in the mud.”

In some ways, Jane is as close as I get to an ideal client. Creative, fun… and she doesn’t really love computers. There are just so many things I can do for her…


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Jane is a prolific ceramics artist who also runs classes and workshops in ceramics and life-drawing. Her style is very playful and a bit ‘out of the box’ and she encourages her students to relax into that too. (and sometimes, also, to enjoy nibbles, wine and musical accompaniment!)

In many ways Jane exists on the intersection of mindfulness, creativity and play – somewhere I feel happy hanging out with her!

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Jane approached me for a WordPress build initially as she had a very outdated static site, (just a portfolio really,) which no longer expressed her values, or how she wanted her business to develop. She was noticing the way other artists were using their sites as a digital shop-front, and was starting to think of ways that she could manage more parts of her business online

Jane is a wild, earthy type though, who likes to get her hands dirty in the real world, and technology is perhaps not her favourite thing. I understand that side of her entirely but I also have an inner geek who likes to fiddle with computer code and patiently solve annoying little problems, so working together was a win for both of us.

The new site is quite simple and clean in design. The intention was to show off Jane’s portfolio of work as if in a beautiful pristine gallery space, as she was selling her own work mainly to art galleries. We kept some of the earthy colours from her old site too, just to remind visitors that her favourite medium is basically mud! Jane supplied the written content with help and advice from me, and her very talented daughter, Tilly, provided the portrait photos of Jane.

As part of the build I photographed all of Jane’s new work in a simple studio lit style (although I actually did it on location in her ceramics studio, since photography equipment is a lot easier to transport than hundreds of pots and sculptures!)

In the months since we completed the main build, we have added several new areas to the site (WordPress is great like that, your site can expand and develop as your business does) The most recent (and most complicated) was an eCommerce area which Jane currently uses to take bookings for workshops. It’s linked to her events calendar and she can sell tickets directly from the site, taking payments through Paypal. She doesn’t sell her work from the site yet, but once she is ready it will be a relatively easy expansion now that eCommerce is up and running.

Jane is now one of my most regular clients. I manage her WordPress site and handle all backups, updates and security. I also help her with a lot of other annoying niggly techy things, a bit like a freelance technical support person. I still photograph her new work periodically in her studio, and sometimes provide documentary coverage of her workshops

I love working with Jane, and watching her business develop and grow – and I’m not against offering my opinions and advice on her marketing and content (though she’s free to ignore me of course.) I really look forward to our meetings – it’s hardly like work at all.

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