“An inspirational coach who helps people to become their true selves.”

It’s been a long and exciting journey with Rosie and her horses, and our working relationship continues to grow…


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Rosie is an Equine facilitated learning practitioner and life coach, who works in partnership with horses to help people to become who they truly are and to live authentically from inside.

It’s complicated to explain, but this work can really change people’s lives.

Rosie first approached me to manage her existing website (which was on Moonfruit.com – an online web builder) and to take over where her old web designer had left off. This included help with her monthly newsletter, which she was sending using mpzmail. (No, I hadn’t heard of it either…)

Then we worked together on some writing, partly so that she could find out what it was like to work with me. It was a good way into the working relationship for both of us – she didn’t have to commit to a large project with me from the outset, and I got to understand her business a whole lot better before beginning one.

To be honest, I’m sensibly cautious of large animals – especially horses; but I went on her discovery day anyway, to get an insight into the techniques, the business and into Rosie herself. I got a lot of value from it personally too.

When Rosie decided she was ready for a new site, we started a WordPress build. It was quite an involved project, with lots of decisions to be made. It’s relatively rare for coaches to work in this way with horses, so it was, understandably, important to Rosie that we really pinned down what she was about.

Rosie supplied some of the content, which I advised on and edited; and she also engaged me to write several of the pages. I set up an area for her blog and a second automated area so that she can post regular testimonials from her many satisfied clients. I also linked the site to Mailchimp, and set up a template for her regular newsletter.

Now Rosie is a regular client – using my WordPress management services and sending me occasional copywriting jobs. We have regular catch-up calls to talk about the development of the site, and I’m always there to be her unofficial technical support. We’re planning some photo sessions for the future too.

That’s one of the good things about using my management services. You don’t just get what’s on the list; you also get to be in my gang, which means that I’m always there on the end of the phone. I know your website like the back of my hand, and if you need help with something outside my area I can either find the answer for you or connect you to someone who can.

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